Silvia Saige & Ricky Larkin & Sherman Maus in Dirty Pictures – WhyNotBi

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In today’s world of first impressions and hypersexual online living, having a hot and nasty profile picture can mean the difference between finding the love of your life and getting kicked to the curb like human garbage! The sexy and single Sylvia Sage is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that her new dating profile picture screams out to the world that she’s ready for love, and her hunky blonde roommate Sherman Maus wants to support her however he can! Sherman’s boyfriend, the athletic muscle daddy Ricky Larkin steps in to help drive up Sylvia’s stock, posing with her in a series of hot and heavy pictures to drive the single studs online wild. Soon, naturally, the photo shoot gets even spicier as all three hotties get in on the action in a boundary busting and deeply erotic bisexual three way full of big cocks, tight pussy, foot worship and irresistibly enthusiastic sexual abandon!